The work of Feline De Coninck (Ghent, °1991), is intimate. Looking at her photos is like reading a diary, revealing an unknown story to the attentive viewer.

A tender consideration is shown for everything that surrounds her.
She seeks to capture, with care and serenity, in a kind of visual diary, the people and places from her environment, her personal life.
She uses her camera with a lot of intuition. Without a set goal, she gropes for the ineffable that moves her. Seeking stillness.
Feline is fascinated by people, by how they relate to each other, and how they change. She is intrigued by how her lens reveals beauty, vulnerability and the invisible.

Her sober images are often characterized by a profound melancholic longing, stillness also, as if not affected by time.

Analogue photography is a resolute choice for her. She loves the slow process of development, the resistance of the material and the limited amount of shots to be taken.
Developing and printing her photos in her darkroom brings her a unique kind of serenity. It is almost therapeutic. For a brief period of time, she then lives in another world; the world of her images.

It seems as if she attemps to draw time to a halt with her camera.

All of her work is for sale in limited editions. For questions regarding prints/collaborations please contact