“Moments can be cherished, put away in a hidden room, pulled out context and be reflected upon. They start becoming an entity on their own, creating a longing for that particular time away from reality. The photography of Feline De Coninck works in a similar way: she shoots what she needs to remember.

The technical aspect of photography is subordinate here. Feline tries to find her voice in photography by really connecting with the subject. The distance between photographer and the subject sometimes gets close to non-existent, and is in some cases switched around. Often these are friends or places that are meaningful to her and journeys that are worth making. For her, photography is the perfect escape that she wishes to share with us.” (text by Bert V.)

°1991, Ghent – Belgium. She is currently working as a social worker.


e-mail: feline.deconinck@gmail.com

Upcoming exhibitions:

*Library in Nevele, room “De Foyer”, 10/2018 & 11/2018 – solo

*La Petite Fabriek, Froyennes, 11/2018 – group